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About 60,000,000 websites are now hosted on WordPress, and the number is quickly growing. WordPress allows websites to be managed and controlled more efficiently, while also formatting data for maximum search visibility.

WordPress is a CMS, or content management system. By building your site on WordPress, all formatting and technical semantics are taken care of automatically so that you can focus on content. Whether you’re managing your own content or having us do it for you, you’ll experience great cost savings and increased effectiveness from WordPress.

We use WordPress all day long. In fact, you’re looking at a WordPress site.

  • The most search-friendly platform around
  • Edit your own website with little to no HTML knowledge
  • Widespread adoption means plenty of documentation and support
  • Secure and easy to update
  • Software license is completely free

We offer training programs to teach you and your staff how to manage your WordPress website, as well content creation services for your WordPress site. These services can be implemented regularly or on a per-instance basis.