Ecommerce with Interspire and Big Commerce

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E-commerce with Interspire and Big Commerce

To run a successful online store, it must be highly visible in search, easily navigable, and powerful enough to scale with your business. Interspire’s shopping cart platform is one of the easiest to learn, yet it possesses all of the features necessary for an enterprise level online store.
The platform is available in two forms; Interspire Shopping Cart, and Big Commerce hosted shopping cart. Both perform and function identically, but are licensed in two different ways. I can help you determine which one is right for your business, and offer the same pricing on either version that you would get directly from Interspire themselves.

Interspire and Big Commerce help you run your online store efficiently

  • Powerful and polished control panel
  • Easily upload images and videos to help sell your products
  • Offer discounts and specials to your customers
  • Automatically managed banners
  • Credit card integration with virtually any merchant processor
  • Invoicing and transaction databases built in
  • Manages customer returns and inquiries
  • Integrates with popular shipping software
  • Design of your website is infinitely customizable with HTML and CSS
  • Check for new orders with your smartphone

Yazu, LLC. is a registered Interspire reseller, and can assist in the integration, setup, and customization of Interspire products.