3 Simple rules to find the best Youtube Videos

YouTube was once a paradise of useful and/or entertaining videos, self regulated by the ratings of users. I’ve used YouTube to learn a little about everything I know. The problem today is that YouTube is available to too many people, namely 14 year olds. Sometimes you need to watch 4 or 5 videos before you find the one you were actually looking for. Wading through re-posts, techno remixes, and Rick rolls can become a full time job if you don’t develop a system to weed out the useless videos.

If you follow these guidelines you will spend less time looking, and more time watching:

Settle only for the highest rated videos

Baby Sloth Youtube VideoEvery minute, 20 hours of new video is uploaded by YouTube users. Why settle for anything but the best? If you don’t see that little green bar pinned to the top, then immediately seek a different video. Trust the ratings, they’re amazingly accurate. This rule does not apply to political videos, as the ratings will be skewed on the basis of opinion rather than video quality.

Use the margin wisely

Youtube Tie a TieWe’ve all spent time clicking video after video on the right hand side of the page. These videos are chosen by the system to keep you clicking through additional pages with additional advertising. If you keep clicking the margin, the videos will keep abstracting further from what you originally wanted to find. You’re better off clicking the “back” button to display your previous search results, or typing in a brand new query. On the other hand, the margin of a great video will show additional selections with similar relevance and ranking.

Use the “more from” button

Youtube Coffee on LaptopThe “Videos” button at the top of the screen displays other uploads from the same YouTube user. If you are watching a great video on how to remove coffee stains from your center console, chances are that user has plenty of other car care tips. I’ve found some of the most useful videos by using this feature, as many great entries do not make their way into YouTube search results because of a poorly chosen title or video description by the uploader.

So there you have it, 3 simple rules to get the most out of YouTube. If you haven’t been following these already, you may not know how useful YouTube actually is.

Knight your Livechat Support Technicians

When I have a problem with a device, I must sometimes seek help from the manufacturer. In the event that I enlist the support of a live support technician, the odds are that my problem will not be solved.

In the rare circumstances where a live support technician is able to fix an issue for me, I know they have accomplished a rare feat. This feat should be recognized, as they have ascended above and beyond their counterparts in the support center.

Silvin(12:52:12): Thanks. Turn the router off please.
Seth Alvo(12:53:34): Sure, it’s off now
Silvin(12:54:34): Thanks one moment please.
Silvin(12:58:19): Please turn on the router.
Silvin(12:58:44): Let me know if the power light turns green please.
Seth Alvo(12:59:15): ok, it’s blinking
Silvin(13:00:00): Thanks. What color is the Internet light right now?
Seth Alvo(13:00:12): amber
Silvin(13:00:37): Ok, Give it about 2 more minutes and let me know if it turns green please.
Seth Alvo(13:02:27): It is geen
Seth Alvo(13:02:39): In my kingdom, I am the keeper of the Internet gateway. My honor depends on a successful restoration of the connection. I cannot fail—retaining my honor after such a failure would require ritual suicide.
Seth Alvo(13:03:14): Because of your bravery and professionalism, you have restored our Internet connection as well as my honor. Silvin, you will enter knighthood today.
Silvin(13:03:45): Thank you Kindly Sir. Twas my honor.
Seth Alvo(13:03:47): I dub thee, Sir Silvin the Troubleshooter!
Seth Alvo(13:03:54): thanks!
Your session is now closed.
Thank you, have a nice day.

If you do not knight your live support technicians, who will?


The Elite Professionals Business Networking groupEvery Tuesday, I wake up at the crack of dawn to go to a diner 25 miles away. At this diner, a group of professionals meet at 7:30AM to share business referrals and socialize with each other. The group is called The Elite Professionals, and I feel privileged to be a member.

Business networking groups are far from uncommon on Long Island, but The Elite Professionals group is very unique in a few ways:

  • Only one person is allowed per industry
  • If someone from a similar industry wants to join the group, the existing members must decide whether or not to let them in
  • The entire purpose of the group is for business referrals

That doesn’t seem too different from any other business networking group, does it? Actually, it is. Most people join networking groups in the hope that they will do business with other members, which is certainly the case with The Elite Professionals, however the primary goal is to refer business to one another. The incentive? Brownie points, really. At each meeting, members are asked to tell everyone what type of referrals they have received or given during the last week, and fill out a referral card to record the occurrence.

Also, consider the exclusivity of having one member for each industry:

  • The group grows slow and healthily
  • Members see great referral action, and in turn they stay more dedicated
  • Members must attend an absolute minimum of 2 meetings per month
  • You actually get business from it, I can vouch for that!

Each week, members give a 30 second infomercial, while one member gives a full 10 to 15 minute presentation about their business.

Visit the Eliteprofessionals.com (we built it, of course) and you can see what we’re all about. If you live in Nassau County and your industry is not already represented (check the members page) you can fill out a form to join the group.


Selmer’s Pet Land of Huntington, NY has been established since 1939 as a reputable pet store. Their new website, located at selmerspetland.com is search optimized, visually pleasing, and easy to use. The site features modules that enable pet store employees to post pictures of new puppies as they arrive.

Other features include

Selmer’s is yet another great Long Island business that we hope to do business with for years to come.